Melbarr Data Factory

Our Data-Factory
Firmographic: Segregation of your potential customers by geography, industry, revenue, or potentially size, and enhancement of your database with residential addresses, contact numbers and financial indicators.

Technographic: For B2B marketers, technographic data can help make hyper-targeted audience segments, understand the struggles of your customers and personalize your marketing outreach.

Identify Contacts
We deliver deeply researched role-based contacts that are decision-makers for specific functions; verified and deliverable contacts.

Discover Contacts
We collate high-quality B2B prospect global Data in real-time, assisting you to get more increased engagement, qualified Leads & optimized conversion.

Target Contacts
We get intelligent, guaranteed accurate and phone verified, custom-built double opt-in data that helps achieve the desired ROI on all your B2B Marketing and Sales campaign activities.

ABM Success Contacts
We create custom Account-Based Data that is extremely useful for targeted ABM Sales and Marketing campaigns which need accurate B2B leads.

Validate Contacts
We upgrade your decayed Data, ensuring the utmost Data hygiene for optimum direct marketing.

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Email Marketing Platform


Email Validation Tool

AnR Analytics

RB Hyperautomation

Data Extraction Tool

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