Email Marketing Automation

Are you looking out for a higher conversion rate?

You are the right place! Melbarr’s Email marketing Automation Tool will help to promote your business, products, services or content through emails.

Perks of Email Marketing:

Cost-Effective: Email marketing tool is quite affordable compared to other traditional marketing methods.

Increase Revenue: It is an excellent marketing channel to generate B2B sales and boost your revenue.

Easy To Get Started: Our Email marketing tool is very user friendly and doesn’t need any big team to operate it.

Direct access to users It leads you to directly connect with your client to communicate.

Leverage your business with Melbarr’s Email Marketing Tool

Template Builder: According to your email marketing needs you can draft captivating emails with wide selection of responsive templates available.

Automate Emails: Schedule your emails and set them to launch automatically as and when required.

Manage Subscribers: Build your email lists and organize them in subscriber’s list. Manage, segment, filter your subscribers as per your campaign requirements
Track campaign performance with analytics: Take data-driven decisions and improve your email campaigns with key email marketing analytics at your fingertips.

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