Our homegrown intelligent CRM platform is multi dimensional and provides insightful – intent based signals which influences the clients in taking the right decision at right event


A deep and complete view of essential HR KPIs. A visually engaging way to provide executives the information they need.

Email Marketing Automation

Our platform will get you in touch with your audience with personalized email flow triggered by real-time behavior.

Melbarr Data Factory

We have rich list of data from all around the world with 100% authenticity which covers all Firmographic and Technographic parameters.

Email Validation Tool

We have developed our in house email validation tool with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Different web platforms which allows user to validate the mails and generate respective reports.

AnR Analytics

AnR Is our in-house data visualization platform for marketing and business analysts to explore correlations, create dashboards and predictive analysis.

RB Hyperautomation

RBH is the use of software bots to automate highly repetitive, routine tasks normally performed by knowledge workers.

Data Extraction Tool

Our Data Extraction tool lets us extract from any format document, We have used custom parsing engine which helps us scrape data from the sources that are not just web pages.

QA Automation

Our QA Automation tool allows us to optimize the efforts and to produce more accurate assets.